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Meet Reid Goble

July 26, 2021
Reid Goble

Hello! My name is Reid Goble and I am a new member of the BSF pro team this year. I recently graduated from Michigan Technological University where I studied Human Biology. My plan is to eventually go to medical school, but I really wanted to continue skiing and see what I can accomplish post-college before that. I grew up in a town called Petoskey and have lived in Michigan my entire life, so I am very excited about my move out to Bozeman. It is great to be training and living in an area that I have not spent much time in, so I have been soaking up all it has to offer.

The training this summer has been amazing! Everyone on the team are great training partners and are a lot of fun to be around, making it an enjoyable atmosphere. We have also been lucky enough to have a strong group of college athletes here in June and July, adding to the fun. I have found Bozeman to be an exciting place to be training, it seems like there are so many different options and places to go. I have always thought that training in the west is very enjoyable, due to all the variety. Since I am new to the area, I have been trying to explore many places and have gone on some cool mountain adventures. I am eager for what the next seasons will bring and to experience more of this unique area!

I think it is important to relax in the summer and have fun with training. I try not to worry much about races that are months away, but with that being said I am definitely looking forward to our racing season. I am excited to have a “normal” season again and race outside of college. My main goal this year will be to qualify for U23 World Championships as it will be my last year to qualify. Above all, I am looking to have fun with training and see where it takes me this season. Thank you!