BSF transportation policy

  1. Bridger Ski Foundation (BSF) is the owner of several vehicles shared by all three disciplines on a schedule to be determined by Program Directors and Executive Director. 
  2. Vehicles are used year-round for transportation from school and other locations to local training venues, and for out-of-town camps, training, and competitions.  The older, 15-passenger Nordic van and alpine bus generally do not travel out of the valley with athletes but are used to transport equipment (wax tables, skis, etc.) to some events/competitions.   In the Nordic vans for in-town training, preference is given to high school athletes, followed by middle school athletes.  In the Alpine bus, and if vans are used, transportation is provided on a first-come first-served basis.  The coaching staff will announce departure, time, and place.  
  3. Please see the Program Directors and Executive Director for travel schedules.  Otherwise, the coaching staff will announce departure, time, and place. BSF may use larger commercial buses and professional drivers in Nordic travel, where financially practical and appropriate. 
  4. While BSF is attempting to provide transportation to out-of-town events, primarily for U14 and older athletes, depending on availability and distances, athletes may be responsible for their own transportation, as well as the cost of getting some coaches to the events.  When BSF provides transportation for athletes to an event, that transportation may include a rental vehicle, the use of a parent or coach vehicle, a BSF vehicle, a commercial bus, or other form of transportation.  BSF will communicate to athletes when transportation is provided and in what form.
  5. On occasion BSF may transport non-BSF athletes in a BSF owned vehicle.  Those athletes will be asked to purchase a BSF Membership, and will be charged an additional user fee, as well as sharing mileage costs.  
  6. Fees related to BSF-provided transportation vary depending on the event/competition the transportation is used for.  In general, when a van is used for out-of-town travel, BSF athletes will be charged an equal share of the total mileage of the trip, which is charged at .65 cents/mile (or current IRS mileage).  When a rental vehicle or a commercial bus is used, the cost of the rental or bus is charged to the athletes traveling.  For more details on transportation use and fee policies, please contact the Executive Director. 
  7. All BSF vehicles used shall be returned to the BSF offices in a clean condition, and athletes who use the vehicles shall be responsible for picking up after themselves and cleaning.  If the van/bus is not kept clean, there will be a mandatory rotating schedule for cleaning. 
  8. Any damage to a BSF vehicle caused by a BSF athlete will be the responsibility of the offending athlete. 
  9. Seatbelt use shall be mandatory on all BSF trips. While BSF takes athlete safety very seriously, it is nearly impossible for coaches to enforce a seatbelt policy.  Therefore, we urge parents to initiate dialogue with their children and reinforce the necessity of wearing a seatbelt. 
  10. BSF expects team members not travelling in the van/bus to use other safe means of transportation to training and competitions.  Any verified reports of unsafe operation of vehicles carrying club members to BSF activities may lead to disciplinary action against those involved.

BSF reserves the right to amend policies and procedures as needed.