About the PROGRAM

June 1 - August 2, 2021
Spend 9 weeks in Bozeman, Montana, in a professional group training environment. The BSF summer training group gives you structured weekly training with your peers, daily coaching with Heather Mooney and Andy Newell, plus opportunities to train with the BSF Pro Team.

Bozeman offers ideal off-season training with spring-snow skiing at high elevations, quality roller skiing, running, biking, alpine mountain terrain and opportunities for part-time summer jobs. While part-time jobs are feasible, athletes should be committed to full-time training during the 9-week period.

We train in 3-4 week cycle, and days change depending on the flavor of the week, but a typical week looks like this:
Monday: OFF
Tuesday: 8:30 AM team practice, PM oyo
Wednesday: 8:30 AM team practice (typically interval day), 3:00PM team strength at The Mountain Project
Thursday: 8:30 AM team practice, PM oyo
Friday: oyo
Saturday: 8:30 AM team practice (typically interval day), 3:00PM team strength at The Mountain Project
Sunday: 8:30 AM team practice (typically OD day)

March 1 - April 1 (team will be named on April 5th, 2021)

We are looking for focused, ambitious athletes who want to make the most of their summer training: high-level collegiate racers or the European equivalent. Enrollment is currently open to all; we are looking for a diverse group of men and women who can push each other. Optimal team size is 12-14 athletes.

Criteria: Applicants with the lowest USSA points will be considered first, however past results are not our only consideration. We strive for a team comprised of motivated individuals that will work well with one another while having a positive impact on the BSF community.


Summer cost: $1600
*Athletes are responsible for their own housing, but we will work together to find the best housing options if you need help.