Athlete Forms

BSF Pre-participation Physical Form  - Required of all athletes (12 years of age and older) in Alpine, Nordic, or Freestyle. Not required of Youth Ski League athletes.

Bridger Bowl Notification of Risk 2018-19 - This form is specifically for BSF athletes, and is required of all athletes registered for a BSF Alpine or Freestyle program (even if another form was filled out for Bridger Bowl at time of Season Pass purchase).

Concussion Policy Consent Form: required for any BSF athlete who is participating in BSF's concussion baseline testing.

Concussion Medical Evaluation Form: In the event of a head injury, a medical professional must complete this form in order for an athlete to return to sport.

General BSF Waiver

Please turn in forms to the BSF office.

Request for Refund Form: for those requesting to leave a program. Requires a program director to sign off on.