Athlete Forms

BSF Pre-participation Physical Form  - Required of all athletes (12 years of age and older) in Alpine, Nordic, or Freestyle. Not required for any Intro programs.

Bridger Bowl Notification of Risk - This form is required of all athletes registered for a BSF Alpine or Freestyle program (even if another form was filled out for Bridger Bowl at time of Season Pass purchase). The form is electronic this year. You will need to sign in/create an account on the Bridger Bowl site.

Concussion Policy Consent Form: required for any BSF athlete who is participating in BSF's concussion baseline testing.

Concussion Medical Evaluation Form: In the event of a head injury, a medical professional must complete this form in order for an athlete to return to sport.

General BSF Waiver

Please turn in forms to the BSF office.

Request for Refund Form: for those requesting to leave a program. Requires a program director to sign off on.