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Scholarships & Financial Aid

Bridger Ski Foundation wants to ensure that a family's financial situation never gets in the way of a kid being able to ski. We provide both need-based and merit-based scholarships.

You can support this vital program through direct donations, our fundraising events, and the Bridger Bowl License plates.


NeeD-Based Financial AID

51% of all general scholarship funds available in a given year will be available for need-based financial scholarships.  These scholarships are to assist Bridger Ski Foundation skiers whose participation requires financial support beyond what their families can supply. 
Eligible skiers: those enrolled (or planning to enroll) in any of BSF's Intro, Devo, Comp, or PG programs.
*Nordic skiers may also apply for need-based aid through the Soren Joseph Hartnett Legacy Scholarship (below).

October 15, 2023 DEADLINE

All need-based scholarship applications are due by 5pm on October 15.
The ability of the family to pay program-related fees will be factored based on data supplied by the applicant’s parents, which will determine if the applicant is income-eligible by meeting the criteria for federal financial aid.  


Must be a registered participant of BSF for the upcoming season. Athlete’s account must be current. Must submit application form and required documents by deadline. Must provide a letter describing athlete’s need for this scholarship (including number in family, other obligations, such as number of children in college, and a list of other major assets and liabilities that limit family’s ability to support the athlete’s skiing). Must provide a letter from the athlete (if athlete is very young, they may draw or dictate their thoughts on skiing instead.)


Scholarship Selection Committee & Process:  The three outside parties on the committee are charged with selecting need-based financial scholarship recipients based on certain criteria. (Your financial information will not be viewed by any BSF staff, coaches, or current parents.) The three outside committee members will review the need-based financial applications once the deadline has passed and make selections.  Applicants will be notified by email no later than November 30, 2023.  Awarded scholarship funds will be credited to the athlete’s account to be applied to program and event fees.

All applications are confidential and will be shredded after the selection process.

F Craig Barber Scholarship

The F Craig Barber Scholarship was created to support Alpine skiers who identify as female. Craig was the father of four daughters and an avid skier who supported their ski racing and instilled a lifelong love of skiing in them.

To apply: complete the regular financial aid application, due October 15.

The Soren Joseph Hartnett Legacy Scholarship Fund

The Soren Joseph Hartnett Legacy Scholarship Fund offers a variety of scholarships for Nordic athletes.  Scholarships are awarded twice per year, first in June and again in November.  Applications are reviewed by Doug Hartnett, Mary O’Rourke and the Program Directors of BSF and Crosscut.
Eligible skiers: U14-U20 Nordic athletes who are registered in programs through the Bridger Ski Foundation or Crosscut

Program Scholarships:

Program Scholarships: Program scholarships are applied directly to BSF or Crosscut program fees.  Scholarships range from $500 - $2000 and will be paid directly to BSF or Crosscut to offset the cost of tuition.  Application Deadline is June 1 with scholarships awarded on June 15.   

Athlete Need Scholarships

Need-based scholarships are paid directly to the athlete with the intention of being used to purchase equipment or offset costs associated with race trips or camps.  Scholarships range from $500 - $1000.  Application deadline is November 1 with scholarships awarded on November 15.  


Application Process:  To apply for a Soren Hartnett Legacy Scholarship, please submit the following information along with a personal statement to Andrew Morehouse: andrew.morehouse@bridgerskifoundation.org.

BSF or CrosscutProgram Name:
Type of scholarship:
Personal Statement: Please include a personal statement describing your history in Nordic skiing, your goals for the future, and how this money will help you achieve those goals.  

Achievement-based scholarships

There is no application process for Achievement-Based Scholarships. Alpine, Freestyle, and Nordic will recognize achievement based on established criteria and available funds. Scholarships for a given event in this class are designed to reward the hard work, dedication, commitment, and achievement of BSF athletes and to help offset the costs of more expensive travel and competition events.  Scholarships will be made equitably among those recipients who qualify for the same event (e.g., each athlete that qualifies for Nordic Junior Nationals or US Nationals will be given the same amount of support).


General criteria plus one or more of the following accomplishments:
*Northern Div U-14 Championship Team Selection
*Northern Div U-16 Championship Team Selection
*Northern Div Western Region Championship Team Selection
*U-18 Nationals Selection
*US Nationals Selection
*Canadian Nationals Selection
*Nor Am Finals Selection
*National Project invitee
*US Ski Team Selection Criteria met


General criteria plus one or more of the following accomplishments:
*US Freestyle Ski Team selection events
*Junior World Championships
*Youth Championships
*US Junior National Championships
*US National Championships
*Nor-AM Tour
*Rev Tour


General criteria plus one or more of the following accomplishments:
*Senior Nationals
*Scandinavia Cup                           *World Junior Championship                                                                   *Canmore Camp for skiers who made Scandinavia Cup or World Juniors      *Junior Nationals


Must be a registered participant of BSF
Athlete’s account must be current
Academic commitment & achievement
Commitment to the program
Consistency of participation (year-round training)
Team Support
Demonstrated love of skiing
Race results
Must represent BSF to the highest possible standard
Must follow the BSF and U.S. Ski & Snowboard Codes of Conduct

Sportsmanship Scholarships

Sportsmanship Scholarships include the Erin Ogle Scholarship in Alpine and others as determined by the Program Directors and Scholarship Committee. There is no application process for Sportsmanship Scholarships. These awards are given out at varying times, at the discretion of the Program Directors and Scholarship Committee.

The Erin Ogle Scholarship is given out each spring to one athlete in Alpine who demonstrates at the highest level the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, dedication, commitment, and hard work in the sport of Alpine ski racing. There is no application process.


Given out each year by the BSF Board of Directors, with approval of the Scholarship Committee, to two or more senior athletes who are graduating from High School.  Recipients will have demonstrated significant commitment, dedication, and accomplishment, both academically and athletically, during their years as a high school athlete at BSF.  Recipients will receive a $400 scholarship to be applied to the athlete’s freshman year in college.  
Deadline for applications is April 15, 2023. Application process and instructions will be mailed to graduating seniors and their families in April.  

General Policies of Scholarship Programs:  

BSF Athletes and families who receive and accept scholarships from BSF through the Scholarship Program must agree to adhere to the policies and procedures set forth by the Bridger Ski Foundation.  If an athlete, and/or his/her family, who receives a scholarship violates BSF policies and procedures, or withdraws from BSF for a non-injury related reason, the athlete and his/her family may be responsible for refunding a prorated share of the scholarship.

If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact the BSF office at (406)587-2445 or admin@bridgerskifoundation.org