Code of Conduct, Disciplinary Guidelines
and Grievance Procedures

All athletes and parents must agree to accept and abide by the rules of Bridger Ski Foundation.

Each member of BSF, including athletes and parents, will conduct himself/herself in a manner that exemplifies the standards of good personal behavior and sportsmanship and does not bring discredit upon BSF. 

While participating in BSF activities, including training and traveling with BSF, athletes and parents are expected to show respect for coaches, BSF staff, teammates, race officials, volunteers, parents, chaperones, the general public, and all athletes and competitors. Verbal or physical abuse of anyone involved with BSF-- staff, coaches, parents, teammates-- will not be tolerated. 

While participating in BSF training and athletic events, athletes and their parents are expected to respect coaches’ decisions, and athletes are expected to participate fully in the training and racing plan designed by the coaching staff. This included dryland and on-snow training, competition, rest and recovery. 

While participating in BSF activities, including training and traveling with BSF, athletes and parents are expected to show respect for BSF property and all property involved with training and competition. Sharing of equipment, tools, etc., with teammates is not discouraged, but please ask permission first. If a teammate does not wish to share his/her personal property, please respect that decision.

BSF is opposed to the use of prohibited and restricted substances and contact with individuals who are participating in the use of such substances. Substance use negatively impacts athletic and academic performance (and research indicates that early onset of alcohol use increases the occurrence of addiction in adulthood by four times). Alcohol and drug use interferes in learning processes, brain development, and increases the chance of physical injury while participating in athletic competition. As a result of these risks, and in addition to the laws of the State of Montana and the mandates of US SKI & SNOWBOARD, FIS, WADA, and USADA re prohibited substances, BSF prohibits the use of all illegal and restricted substances. See doping 

Parents and athletes shall obey the regulations of the Bridger Bowl Ski Area, Crosscut Mountain Sports Center, and the rules of all other venues used during training and competition. Those athletes competing in US SKI & SNOWBOARD sanctioned events will obey the US SKI & SNOWBOARD Sportsmanship Guidelines as outlined in the most current Skiing Competition Guide, as well as the US SKI & SNOWBOARD Northern and Intermountain Division Code of Conduct. 


1. Any violation of the Code of Conduct is cause for disciplinary action, including suspension and/or dismissal from BSF or other disciplinary procedures. 

2. Substance use and/or possession thereof, including alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, and banned substances governed by US SKI & SNOWBOARD, FIS, USADA and WADA is cause for immediate suspension and/or dismissal from the program or other disciplinary procedures. If an athlete is suspended or expelled from school for a drug or alcohol related incident, possession, or use, the athlete and his/her parents must tell the BSF Program Director/Head Coach and the athlete may be subject to immediate dismissal or suspension from the program. 

3. Persistent irresponsibility and disrespectful behavior is cause for suspension and/or dismissal from BSF or other disciplinary procedures. 

4. Unwelcome tampering with or destruction of BSF property or others’ personal property is cause for suspension and/or dismissal from BSF or other disciplinary procedures.

5. Violation of state, federal, or international laws is cause for dismissal from BSF. Any violation of law resulting in an arrest or conviction by civil authorities, even if not related to team activities, may result in disciplinary procedures by the Program Director. 

7. Failure to comply with any and all event, team, or specific activity rules (curfew, attendance, schedules, etc.) may be cause for disciplinary action. Typically, discipline will be initiated with a verbal warning, followed by possible suspension from BSF activities. Persistent failure will be

cause for suspension and/or dismissal from the program for the remainder of the current season and could affect an athlete’s future participation. 

8. Please note: If suspension or dismissal from the program or an event occurs while traveling, the athlete may be sent home immediately at the parents’ cost at whatever means is most convenient. No reimbursement of program or event fees will be made. 

Adherence to these rules and guidelines as specified herein by BSF and observance of state and federal laws, are required for participation in this program. 


Disciplinary issues, including any violation of this Code of Conduct, shall be addressed primarily by the Program Directors, who shall recommend a course of action. When an issue or violation occurs in the absence of the Program Director, a coach may take immediate and necessary action, which will later be reviewed by the Program Director. Program Directors may seek counsel of the Executive Director, the Personnel Committee, and the Executive Board. 

A Program Director may initiate disciplinary proceedings based upon information obtained from reliable sources providing there is supportive substantial information to warrant this action. 

BSF differentiates between code violations and behaviors observed by coaches or staff and those that are reported by a third party. Unacceptable behavior observed by BSF coaches or staff, will be dealt with by BSF staff, coaches and /or the Program Director. Behavior observed by a third party requires that an incident report be completed and referred to the Program Director for action.

In the event that a violation occurs and the offending athlete brings it to the attention of the staff of their own free will, considerations may be applied to the consequences as a show of good faith for self-reporting. 

BSF will make every effort to be fair and provide due process for individuals subject to BSF Disciplinary Guidelines. If an individual is believed to have violated the Code of Conduct or a Disciplinary Rule, he/she will be given an opportunity to be heard relative to the violation(s). 


If a skier or parent has an issue/grievance/complaint regarding any aspect of the BSF program, the procedure for addressing the issue will be: 

1. Approach the skier's age group coach about the situation. 

2. If resolution is not achieved, the issue may be brought to the attention of the Head Coach in charge of the age group involved. 

3. If resolution is not achieved, the issue may be brought to the attention of the Program Director. 

4. If resolution is not achieved, the issue may be referred to the Executive Director. 

5. If resolution is not achieved, the issue may be brought before the BSF Personnel Committee. 

6. If the particular issue involves one of the individuals or entities listed in this protocol, you must first go to that individual and if resolution is not achieved, then you may proceed to take the issue/grievance to the next appropriate level. 

7. If an athlete or parent has a grievance or complaint, please make an appointment to talk with the appropriate individual. Grievances and complaints will not be addressed during training, camp, or competition days. Program Directors and Coaches cannot give adequate attention to your grievance without notice.

8. No issue shall be universally broadcast to the attention of any e-mail list serve or to the general club membership. 

9. BSF will make every effort to address, and take seriously, parent/athlete concerns and grievances. From time to time grievances simply cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the parent/athlete. If this is the case, the BSF Board apologizes and encourages the parent/athlete to seek alternative programs. 

BSF reserves the right to amend policies and procedures as needed.