Community Nordic Trails


Individual Season's Pass: $75
Family Season's Pass: $150
Day Pass: $10

Trail passes in the Bozeman Community Nordic Trails system are voluntary. If you can afford it, we recommend an annual pass and/or a donation.

What's the catch?
The catch is that we need to sell enough passes each year to cover grooming costs. The trails program needs $200,000+ for grooming, maintenance, snowmaking and equipment each year. We raise that money solely through grants, donations, and trail passes. It turns out, that's a lot of trail passes.

Where does my money go? Bridger Ski Foundation is a nonprofit and your purchase goes straight to BSF's Trails Program to fund the grooming of trails, grooming equipment and the maintenance and management of the program. And yes, your trails pass is a tax-deductible contribution.



Become a super-star supporter of the BSF Trails Program and help keep the groomers going with an additional donation this year. You'll receive this gorgeous custom BSF mug from Lulu Pottery, a bag of special blend coffee, a special invite to a winter trail stewards event, and our undying appreciation.

Choose "Winter Trail Steward" on our trail pass page to make a $250 donation.

*Does not include a trail pass.


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Your trails pass purchase is a tax-deductible contribution! 

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Trail Partners

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