About Us


Like any nonprofit, volunteers keep this place running. Join us. It's fun. It has its perks. And it's a great way to give back.

Going forward, all volunteer signups will be through Signup Genius--making it easy for you to signup, make changes to your time slot, and they'll even send you a reminder. Check back often for new volunteer opportunities


Your support is appreciated! Murdoch's generously donated awesome Mountain Hardwear winter jackets for volunteers. Want one? 50 hours of volunteer time during the year will put you on the list. And we'll enter those who work 20-50 hours into a drawing for the remaining jackets. (If you volunteer hours outside of a signup sheet, be sure to let us know so we can keep track of your hours.) In addition, we try to keep you fed, let you in early to the BSF Ski Swap, and such.

Alpine race volunteers will receive a lift ticket for the day (if they don't have a pass), plus a lift voucher for another day of skiing. (Intro jamborees are a lift ticket for that day only.) 


ALPINE YSL Championships - March 11-14

Volunteers needed for alpine races at Bridger Bowl, March 11-14.

Sign up for your volunteer slots here.

Volunteers will receive a lift ticket/reservation for the day, as well as a voucher for another day of skiing.

OHG Championships Alpine - March 26 - 28

Volunteers need for alpine races at Bridger Bowl. Volunteers will receive a lift ticket/reservation for the day, as well as a voucher for another day of skiing.



We need volunteers during Give Big Gallatin Valley 2021. We'll be raising money to support the nonprofit Bridger Ski Foundation. We need volunteers to tell their stories about why BSF matters. All of this can be done from home, on your computer, in as little as a few minutes a day.



Photographers: like to take photos? We're always looking for photos of our skiers--both at practice and in competition. If you'd like to photograph a competition or training session, or if you snapped a couple of great pics last weekend, let us know. Email jennyw@bridgerskifoundation.org.

Committees: We're always looking for people to serve on several committees--for each program and for organizing events. Contact your program director if you're interested.

Have a skill that you think could help out BSF? Or would you rather help out in the office or at your home? We'd love to hear from you. Email admin@bridgerskifoundation.org

Thanks, all! You make BSF work.