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Preserving the winter experience on a cherished trail system.
Investing in the health of our community.


Raise the remaining $271,101 needed to keep our winter trails free, open, and accessible to the community with the addition of snowmaking at Sunset Hills. BSF has already raised $708,115 through the Sunset Hills Capital Campaign.

Help us put snow on the trail by December 2020. Donate today!


Sunset Hills

Located in downtown Bozeman next to Lindley park, across the street from Bozeman Health, and within minutes of city schools and businesses, Sunset Hills is the centerpiece of Bozeman's groomed trail system, with approximately 5km of skiing.

Since BSF began grooming ski trails at Sunset Hills in the late 1960s, winter trail use has increased an estimated 5,000%, contributing to the economy and Bozeman's homegrown ski-town identity.

In 2014, the SE Group assessed community priorities in the Community Nordic Trails Feasibility Study, which identified Sunset Hills as having the highest value for the Bozeman community. Based on that report, Bridger Ski Foundation and HKD Snowmakers developed a comprehensive Sunset Hills winter site plan that includes upgraded snowmaking.


Technological advances have made snowmaking more reliable and affordable. HKD Snowmakers has a reputation for sustainable practices. The HKD Impulse is a portable, low-energy use snow gun that produces quality snow at above-normal temperatures.

Optimal temperatures for making snow are below 28F wet bulb. The goal is to have a stable base by mid December that lasts through late March. Up to five snow guns can be used at one time, allowing Sunset Hills trails to be ready for skiing in as little as four days.


Sunset Hills is a local favorite for kids, families, visitors, students, the MSU Ski Team, BSF, Bridger Biathlon Club, Montana Endurance Academy and the U.S. Paralympic Nordic Team. The rolling terrain is perfect for everyone from beginners to experts, from the early hours of the morning, to lunch breaks, till long after dark.

The Sunset Hills venue is key to BSF's after-school and adult Nordic programs, as well as BSF's mission, vision and goals.

And, it's free for all.


  • Ensure that anyone can ski for free all winter long.
  • Give kids easy access to healthy, after-school ski programs.
  • Be a buffer against unpredictable weather patterns.
  • Open trails earlier and keep them skiable longer.
  • Keep healthy, in-town recreation opportunities that reduce driving and carbon emissions and improve the physical and mental well-being of our community.
  • Allows for other recreational uses of the field, such as running and cycling, as well as hay production.

Since 1936, Bozeman's ski club has enabled each generation to ski, to experience the mountains, build friendships, and develop lifelong skills and a love of skiing. We provide access to a lifetime of outdoor opportunities through world-class ski programs and grooming 70+km of public and in-town winter trails.


  • In 2005, with permission from the City of Bozeman, BSF drilled a well on the southwest corner of Sunset Hills and made snow for five years. We'll use that same well, but with an added 32,000-gallon underground cistern to cool the water for better snowmaking conditions.
  • We've raised approximately 70% of the needed $979,000 for the project. This is a separate capital campaign that does not impact BSF's regular programs, fundraising, or budget.
  • The City of Bozeman has approved the project and the construction permits.  Construction began in June 2020, with completion by the start of winter.


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