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Lake Placid Mid-Camp Update

September 17, 2021
Graham Houtsma

Hello everyone!

Graham here to provide you all an update about how our training camp has been going in Lake Placid. As Lauren stated in the last blog post we have meet up with the Sun Valley Gold Team for some joint team workouts. These have been split between the Mt. Van Hoevenberg's amazing new training facilities, places in town and on the roads in the surrounding area. On Monday, we got our first opportunity to try out the new roller ski track with some skate speeds, which was an absolute blast as many on the team have never had the opportunity to ski on a dedicated track before!

Hannah doing some V1 speeds on the main hill on the Van Hoevenberg

On Tuesday, we did a team classic sprint with the Sun Valley Gold Team, to do some intensity and get a feel for the sprint course that we are doing tomorrow with the SMS T2 and the Sun Valley as well as others from around the New England area. But before then, we have been doing other workouts in and around the Lake Placid area.  These have mostly been easy distance workouts to get the volume in that we need between our intensity sessions. On Thursday we did another intensity session with Sun Valley, this time it was bonding intervals in what can only be described as perfect New England weather.

Reid bounding with Sam Wood to the top of Mt. Van Ho
Logan and myself coming down after intervals

The races that we will be doing Saturday and Sunday are all part of a roller ski race series that NENSA puts on through out the summer and fall. The sprint race on Saturday is a part of a weekend mini tour of two races with the first one here in Lake Placid and the second one will be on Sunday at the roller ski track at Jericho. The race on Sunday will be a 15km skate race, so it will be a good time to see how our fitness stacks up with others that we will be racing against this winter. For those that are curious about the race, there is information here ( for the first day and here ( for the second day.

Outside of the training, the Pro team has been engaging in other activities such as swimming in the lakes near where we are staying, stand up paddled boarding, and trying to find the best coffee shop (we are still on the hunt for it).

See lots of pictures down below of the team training!

Finn, Graham, and Simon doing an easy skate skiing on some sweet roads
Simon Zink practicing a powerful V1
Team strength at the park in town next to the lake
Lauren powering her way through some fun intervals