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Bridger Ski Foundation is a founding partner of the Gallatin Valley Trail Ambassador program. The goal of this program is to provide a high-quality trail experience for users by reducing the level of user conflict, providing accurate information to the public and having a community volunteer presence at high-use trails around the community. Learn more at


The trails are busier than ever, and good trail etiquette can make enjoying Bozeman's trails a positive experience for everyone. Please . . .

1.  Be aware of whether or not the trail is designated for multi-use.

2.  Do not walk/run on groomed ski trails unless it is a multi-user trail (Sourdough/Hyalite).

3.  On dog trails, dog owners are responsible for keeping their animals safe and under control, and must remove any dropping on the trails.

4.  Avoid walking, running, or skating on the parallel xc ski tracks.

5.  Move off trail to allow grooming equipment to pass.

6.  Avoid skiing right after groomers have groomed trails.  It takes 2-4 hours for the freshly groomed trails to set up.

7.  Ski under control, at a safe speed, and use care at blind intersections.

8.  Respect private property and the guidelines for each venue.

9. Respect the wildlife.

10.  If you fall, please get off the trail as soon as you can. If you leave a sitzmark in the snow, do your best to fill it in.

11.  When passing, let others know that you are approaching them from behind by politely calling out, “on you left.”

12.  Skiing fast? When you come upon slower skiers, announce yourself, reduce your speed while you pass on their left, and then take off again once you have safely passed them.  Think of other skiers as yield signs.

13. Downhill skiers have the right-of-way.

14.  Parking: Use the Softball Complex/recycling parking lot off Highland Blvd. when skiing at Sunset Hills (Lindley) and Highland Glen Nature Preserve trails. Do not park in the lots at the Lindley Center, the hospital, or the professional buildings off Ellis St. At the Bridger Creek Golf Course, please use the clubhouse parking lot; do not park on residential streets.

15.  If you can afford it, please buy a Community Nordic Trails Pass to support trail grooming.

And finally, say "Hi" to the Gallatin Valley Trail Ambassadors, who are working hard to reduce trail user conflict and provide good information to trail users.

Lane usage for Bozeman Creek/Sourdough:

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