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Wicked storm! 12/30
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December 31, 2018 5:30 AM

Evening Update 12/31: The road to Hyalite is plowed and is easy driving! Great news for the Hyalite tour. We got a lot groomed: the west shore trail, sleeping giant, palisades, wildhorse/lick creek, and across the road and back up to the big day use parking lot. The skiing should be good, get out the green kick wax and tar wax and go for a nice cruise!

We got quite a bit of snow and enough wind to get it moving around over the last 24 hours. With the Hyalite Tour coming up tomorrow, that will be our main focus for the day. We will work on our town trails so that there is something for the town skier as well but don't expect all of it to get done immediately. We got out and knocked down drifts at Sunset Hills and Highland last night, hopefully that will help speed things along today. Sourdough will take some slow, chipping away at as well, the crew got out there last night to knock things down as well and reported a lot of snow and a huge drift across the trail at Mystic Lake. So, in Sourdough, we will at least get a roller to the bridge and have that stretch of trail packed down for now, we'll chip away at the rest after the Hyalite Tour. Given the heavy snowfall and not having the help of the Forest Service this year, we will do what we can at Hyalite. I expect we will have to track pack everything first before we can set a good classic track. With this in mind, we will probably focus on the gentler trail options (which really is everything except sleeping giant) and go for quality over quantity. Also, I don't expect the road will get plowed until after new years, so please be prepared for snowy driving and carpool with people who have all wheel/4 wheel drive and snow tires (and/or chains) for the Hyalite Tour.

Stay tuned for more updates, thanks for bearing with us.