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Weekend update
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January 11, 2020 6:00 AM

The snow trickle has turned back on and conditions are finally improving, bit by bit. All of Sourdough was groomed Friday night. Expect skiing to be on the softer side, especially above the bridge. Coverage is much better in the lower miles but please use caution and watch for and leave space for other trail users. The same can be said for the walkers and runners; give skiers space and watch for traffic.

The lower loops at Bridger Creek have been rolled and are looking much better but there are several areas that are very, very thin still so keep an eye out for those spots but it will be possible to get some decent, continuous skiing here.

Highland is skiable but we havent gotten quite enough new snow to groom it again. It is very close though and there will be some stretches of decent skiing so dont let the lack of grooming stop you!

Sunset Hills has been groomed and is looking (and skiing) much better than it was. There are still some thin spots to watch out for but they are generally limited to sunny spots along the south end of the area. Now, there have been some ongoing issues at Sunset Hills that are worth mentioning. It's not many people, but there having been people regularly running some of this trail system and Friday night while grooming, there were foot and dog prints that went most of the way around the loop in the middle of the trail. If you feel comfortable with it, please help us out and act as an ambassador in these situations: there are lots of other places nearby to run and walk dogs and comparatively little groomed skiing, even on a good snow year. BSF has an agreement with the city to set up a ski trail here, not a multi use trail. In addition, there has been a lot of sledding on the trail coming out of Lindley Center. Again, this is clearly signed; skiers to one side of the fence, sledders to the other. Part of this is for safety so that a skier coming up the hill is bowled over by a sledder, part of this is to help protect the snow on that slope, which is sun exposed and always thin. Again, if you feel comfortable with it, please politely remind any sledders that the ski trail is not for sledding and why it is that way. BSF personnel are not able to be out monitoring these trails all the time; we are a small non-profit, not a ski area, so that is why we ask for the help of the community on things like this. The vast majority of people in Bozeman dont seem to have issues around seasonal trail changes and if we can all act as ambassadors from time to time, we can help educate users who simply dont know and hopefully make recreation around town better for everyone.