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Social Distancing and the rest of ski season
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March 23, 2020 8:00 AM

While it is important to get our outdoor time and fresh air during the times of COVID-19, please remember that we all need to do our part to help limit its spread and protect those who are more vulnerable. When it comes to trails, this means allow plenty of distance to other users, keep your dogs close (i.e. on a leash, especially in busy areas like parking lots and near trailheads), dont carpool with people outside of your household, and keep group sizes small. Be aware that in the spring, our trails get very icy and have rapidly growing bare patches making skiing increasingly hazardous. Air on the side of extreme caution, especially on the lower miles of Sourdough and the section of trail from the Moser Trailhead up to Moser Divide, which sees lots of sun and will be icy in the morning and evening hours. Avoiding injuries and limiting the strain on emergency services is a huge help right now so please, take it slow, if it looks icy, just walk it.

Here is a helpful bit that Friends of Hyalite shared recently that the American Alpine Club produced in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

As noted above, our trails are in their spring transformation. We are fully done grooming in town and have about a week left on Sourdough and Hyalite. The lower miles of Sourdough are getting pretty rough and we will not be doing very much more there this season. Bare patches and ice patches are growing rapidly each day and the remaining snow rapidly softens and turns to slush each day.

Once above the bridge, the skiing is good but be ready for treacherous conditions to get there. Stay tuned for updates, we will groom at least 1 more time this season.