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February 9, 2020 10:30 AM

The skiing is great but we have a couple important reminders.

Now that we are running the Pisten Bully in town, all of you early morning and late night skiers need to be heads up for machinery. It is very hard to see beyond the headlights, especially when the tiller is up and we are backing up, which have to do frequently at Highlan Glen. There is a lot to pay attention to simply operating the machine and we dont need skiers darting around us. So, if you are out early or late and it looks like the machine is still out, please head elsewhere for your ski, generally this just means going to the other side of the road at the Sunset Hills/Highland Glen complex. This also gives the trail more time to set up which means better skiing for everyone. While that fresh cord is tempting, please be patient and let us finish our work if you can.

It is never ok to ski behind the PB or to try to pass it without the permission of the operator.

At Highland Glen, there are only several legal access points: the trailhead at the corner of Highland and Ellis (Softball Fields Complex), the Painted Hills gate off of Kagy Ave, and in the middle of the west side of the area from the "tree streets".

Access through the old homestead is trespassing (it is clearly signed as private property). All of Highland Glen is private property owned by Bozeman Health and we operate under a winter user agreement (the summer trails are operated by GVLT under a similar user agreement. There is not an easement on the Highland Glen property, so please respect private property and associated signage. There are lots of ski tracks going to and from the homestead this winter and that needs to stop.

Enjoy the great skiing an the sun!