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12/9 Weekend update
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December 9, 2018 8:30 AM

We are not doing a whole lot of grooming right now, if you havent noticed. This does not mean the skiing is bad; Sunset Hills, Highland Glen, Sourdough, and Hyalite are all skiing quite well right now! With the cold temperatures and lack of precipitation, the snow has lost a lot of moisture and does not adhere to itself as well as snow with more moisture would. This combined with mechanically breaking down the snow when we groom means we make thinner an already thin base. So, we are trying to have as low an impact as possible (you'll notice the snowmobile's skis leave rather deep ruts on corners; we are trying to avoid too many of these).

Bridger Creek and the Sacajawea Middle School loop are both skiable, but too thin to do anymore grooming until we get more snow. The week ahead looks to contain some chances for some snow and whether we get much or not, we will get out and smooth things out at Sunset Hills, Highland Glen, and Sourdough in the next few days.

A couple things of note: we did get the Pisten Bully up Sourdough on Friday night and that entire trail is now wide and smooth! Runners are reminded to stay off of the classic tracks and stay to the outside edge of the trail (including around corners) and to yield to skiers. While we are seeing less runner traffic on our in town trails (which are not open to foot traffic), someone is running on the Sunset Hills trails every Saturday, judging by the appearance of fresh foot prints down the middle of the trail every Saturday afternoon. Skiers, if you see runners on the in town trails, please talk to them and remind them that there are many other places for them to go. Ski trails are expensive and it is our ski community who generously pays to maintain our ski trails through voluntary trail passes.

Enjoy the sun and think snow!