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12/30 Mid Holiday Update
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December 30, 2018 6:20 AM

Apologies for the lack of more detailed updates lately, times have been busy. Fortunately, the skiing has been about as good as it gets. Highland, Sunset Hills, and Sourdough are all in excellent mid winter condition right now and are a joy to ski. In Sourdough we did groom all the way to the Moser Trailhead in Hyalite, so that is an alternative access point for those who prefer to skip the lower section from the Bozeman Creek trailhead. On Saturday, we had a crew out packing and clearing the Hyalite Trails and we will get back out there on Monday to set tracks for the Hyalite Tour on Tuesday. The Hyalite Tour is simply a show up and ski low key event. BSF will be set up in the big day use parking lot by the dam along with Friends of Hyalite. The Forest Service would've joined us if it werent for the shut down.

Conditions at Bridger Creek continue to improve and we are probably to the point where we can have regular grooming there rather than just when it snows. The upper loops, particularly the outer one, have a lot of sunny aspect on them and have taken a long time to gather snow.

For today, Sunday, Highland and Sunset Hills will get a morning touch up to clean up drifts from the wind overnight, then we will be waiting on the weather; forecast says 1-3 inches and then COLD, so we will try to get out just as the snow ends and before the deep freeze hits. Our PB is down for repairs this week but we will keep at it on snowmobiles.