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12/18 Mid week update
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December 18, 2018 8:12 AM

I skied both Sunset Hills and Highland Glen yesterday and the skiing is excellent! Despite the warm weather, the trails have held up well and the snow is staying dry with only a minimal crust and have not seen significant melting. In order to protect our thin snowpack in town, we did no in town grooming last night. Skiers can expect a slightly crusted snow in the morning, which should soon soften pleasantly to nice skiing by mid day. Dont let the warm weather discourage you, the skiing is excellent!

Sourdough got a touch up to the Bridge last night and I expect some of the lower sections may be getting a bit icy. The mountains south of town have seen some wilder temperatures and anything exposed to the sun will be crusty.

As you may have noticed, there has been a lot of shovel and snow moving activity at Sunset Hills lately. This is because BSF is hosting the first of our regions Junior National Qualifiers this coming Friday through Sunday. There will be kids from Montana, Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming in town this weekend and we want to make sure our trails are in good shape, so we have been padding up the sun-exposed spots and adding extra snow where we can to shore things up. If the snow does soften significantly and your skis are sinking in, please head elswhere to ski, in light of the races. I dont think this is likely to happen but keep it in mind. We want to avoid leaving deep ruts in the thin base.

For the weekend, Sunset Hills will be closed for races and we recommend finding elsewhere to ski. We will be sure to have Sourdough and Highland skiing nicely for the weekend.

If we get some snow, we will be sure to have Bridger Creek groomed up as well. Cover is extremely thin there right now.