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1/10/19 Mid Week update
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January 10, 2019 12:30 AM

Just a couple updates. Trails are in great shape right now. There are some thin spots here and there still (we really dont have much snow) but overall the skiing is incredible! Starting this week, we are grooming a short loop at MSU for their Outdoor Rec Program. This is located off of Lincoln St and is open to the public but there is not much in the way of public parking. This is our second year doing this and the MSU ORP plans to use the loop for teaching skiing and educating students about xc ski trails. It also provides a quick escape to exercise for anyone in the MSU part of town.

For upcoming events, the next one is a community trails pint night at Map Brewing on Monday, January 14th. Come join us and help support our community ski trail system!

Some other happenings; the outhouse at the Softball fields was trashed recently and we were billed for extra cleaning (yes, BSF pays for the outhouses at the town ski venues too) so it will now be locked at night and opened sometime during the morning hours. Unfortunate, but its our best solution right now.

General reminders: there are still people running on Sunset Hills and Highland Glen, if you see them, please help us out and be an ambassador and remind them that they have a plethora of trail options nearby that are not groomed for skiing. Bridger Creek has been seeing some walkers too, which is also not allowed.