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Tri-Divisionals & Western Region U14 Championships

U14 & U16 Tri Divisionals

Eight BSF Alpine skiers qualified for the Tri-Divisional races at Jackson Hole, March 21-24:

U14: Drake Fricke, Bailey Boettcher, Connor English, Logan Broadhead

U16: Henry Pritham, Madalyn Ziegler, Alternates: Zack Ziegler, Graham Estelle

Logan Broadhead

The young athletes competed against the best U14 and U16 alpine skiers from the Northern, Intermountain, and Alaska divisions.


Madalyn Ziegler: 26th Super G, 30th Giant Slalom, 23rd Slalom

Henry Pritham: 7th Super G, 8th Giant Slalom

Drake Fricke: 58th Super G, 27th Giant Slalom

Connor English: 68th Super G, 59th Giant Slalom

Bailey Boettcher: 64th Super G, 41st Giant Slalom

Logan Broadhead: 84th Super G, 67th Giant Slalom, 41st Slalom

Western Region U14 Championship

Three BSF Alpine skiers were named to represent the Northern Division at the Western Region U14 Championships in Big Sky March 20-24: Bodie Lenz, Kell Christenson, and Drake Fricke (alternate, who instead competed at Tri Divisionals).

Lenz and Christenson competed against skiers from Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, Intermountain Division, Farwest, Northern Divisionin the championships.

Bodie Lenz: 44th in Super G, 33rd in Giant Slalom

Kell Christenson: 42nd in Slalom