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Stano Cup Results

The BSF Alpine Comp Team headed to Red Lodge for the Stano Cup last weekend, where they faced likely one of the most challenging hills they'll face all season. Lower Limited, known for its tough courses, had good firm snow conditions that made for solid racing. "With both Rocky Mountain College and some MSU club ski team members competing, the BSF juniors skied really well and held their own," said BSF Alpine Program Director Pete Petry.

Max Larimer turned in standout and consistent performances all weekend, winning each of his age-group races, and finishing 2nd overall among all racers in the slalom. Evin Haworth took the overall win in the second Giant Slalom race of the weekend, with her teammate Sydney Rogers finishing in fifth overall and 2nd in their U19 age group.

Sydney Rogers (left) in 3rd and Evin Haworth (center) in first in the U19 Giant Slalom.
Max Larimer (center) on the podium in first.


Jan. 24 Stano Cup Race, Giant Slalom


U16: Maddie Ziegler 2nd, Maya Haugan 21st

U19: Sydney Rogers 2nd

U21: Amelia Volk 2nd

Overall women's team score: 1st.



U16: Kell Christenson 9th, Bailey Boettcher 10th

U19: Max Larimer 1st, Henry Pritham 3rd, Graham Estelle 5th

Overall men's team score: 2nd

Jan. 25 Giant Slalom #2


U19: Evin Haworth 1st, Sydney Rogers 3rd

U21: Amelia Volk 3rd

overall women's team: 2nd



U16: Kell Christenson 9th, Bailey Boettcher 11th, Connor English 12th

U19: Max Larimer 1st, Graham Estelle 5th

overall men's team: 3rd

Jan. 26 Slalom


U16: Maddie Ziegler 10th, Maya Haugan 11th

U19: Riley Asbell 3rd, Sydney Rogers 6th

overall women's team: 6th



U16: Zack Ziegler 4th, Bailey Boettcher 7th, Kell Christenson 8th, Connor English 10th

U19: Max Larimer 1st, Henry Pritham 2nd, Graham Estelle 7th

overall men's team: 2nd

Maddie Ziegler and her 2nd place trophy, with BSF Head Alpine Coach Roger Bay.