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Results from Smokin' Aces Tour


Smokin’ Aces Tour, Big Sky


Vay O’Brien- 1st overall- score of 22.00

Vay O'Brien, Women's Winner

Mens 14 & under

Anders Fanning- 1st place- score of 25.00
Jasper Skidmore- 3rd place- Score of 23.3
Soren Fanning- 6th Place- score of 15.00

Mens 15 & over

Max sanders- 1st place- score of 25.3
Jack Edwards-3rd place- score of 22.5
Swift Arnold- 4th Place- Score of 22.2
Elliott Williamson- 8th place- score of 16.9
Will Kaiser-9th place- Score of 16.7

Mens Open 

Caden McCullough- 1st place overall- Score of 26.1

Caden McCullough, Men's Overall Winner


Two snowboarders competed at the Smokin Aces event in Big Sky this past Saturday.

Mac Johnson (pictured left) took 3rd place in the Open Division and won $75. 

Evan Wrobel took 1st place in the Boys 14 and Under.