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Slopestyle at Bridger Bowl

Slopestyle, February 23, 2018

On Friday, freeskiers from the U.S. Ski & Snowboard’s Northern Division competed in the Divisional Championships at Bridger Bowl. Bridger Ski Foundation’s Jasper Skidmore, one of the youngest skiers on the start list, was the overall winner of the first slopestyle contest, with BSF teammate Caden McCullough finishing second.  Jimmy Ledford of the Missoula Freestyle Team was third.

 The skiers competed in a second slopestyle contest Friday afternoon, using the terrain of the upper Sunnyside Terrain Park, which features multiple jumps and rails. Stewart Long of Missoula took the overall win in the second round with 74.0 points . Skidmore turned in another stellar run for 72.3 points and second overall. This was the last chance for skiers to collect points to earn a start at the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Junior Nationals. Stay tuned for a list of qualifying athletes. 




Slopestyle 1 (best of 2 runs)                                              

Overall            NAME                        Score   Age group

1.         Jasper Skidmore        BSF      69.3    (1st M13)

2          Caden McCullough    BSF      68.6    (1st M19)

3.         Jimmy Ledford          Missoula         64.6   

4          Daniel Johnson          BSF      63.3    (1st M17)

5          Nicholas Johnson       BSF      63.3    (2nd M13)

8          Anders Fanning         BSF      57.3    (1st M15)

9          John Edwards            BSF      54.0    (4th M19)

10       Elliot Williamson       BSF      53.3    (3rd M17)

13       Tony Murdoch           BSF      46.3    (3rd M15)

14       Dawson Corn BSF      45.0    (5th M17)

15       Soren Fanning           BSF      45.0    (4th M15)

16       Swift Arnold   BSF      41.3    (6th M17)

17       Maximus Sanders     BSF      38.3    (5th M19)

18       Jon Morgner  BSF      38.3    (5th M15)

19       Gavin Stancil  BSF      27.0    (6th M15)

20       Colton Shough           BSF      20.6    (1st M11)

21       Arthur Koster            BSF      17.3    (6th M19)

22       Will Kaiser     BSF      15.6    (7th M17)



Slopestyle 2 (single run)                                         

1          Stewart Long Missoula         74.0    (1st M19)

2          Jasper Skidmore        BSF      72.3    (1st M13)

3.         Max Jakob      Missoula         62.0    (1st M17)

4          John Edwards            BSF      60.0    (2nd M19)

5          Elliot Williamson       BSF      57.3    (2nd M17)

6          Daniel Johnson          BSF      56.0    (3rd M17)

7          Swift Arnold   BSF      48.6    (4th M17)

9          Anders Fanning         BSF      46.3    (1st M15)

10       Tony Murdoch           BSF      45.3    (2nd M15)

11       Soren Fanning           BSF      44.3    (3rd M15)

12       Jon Morgner  BSF      43.3    (4th M15)

13       Caden McCullough    BSF      42.6    (3rd M19)

14       Dawson Corn BSF      42.3    (6th M17)

15       Nicholas Johnson       BSF      34.0    (2nd M13)

16       Gavin Stancil  BSF      26.3    (5th M15)

17       Will Kaiser     BSF      24.0    (7th M17)

18       Colton Shough           BSF      21.0    (1st M11)

19       Maximus Sanders     BSF      19.6    (4th M19)