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Northern Division YSL Championships

Bridger Ski Foundation's U8 to U14 skiers had a stellar weekend at Big Sky competing in the Northern Division YSL Championships and engaging in some fun team shenanigans. BSF U14 skier Bodie Lenz was the overall male champion, winning the giant slalom and taking second in the slalom and third in the Super G. Kell Christianson was the overall winner of the Super G. With a robust showing of BSF skiers, a total of 11 athletes stood on the podium during the three days of racing.

Great job, BSF!

A team silly-string battle.

Full results:

The BSF Team


Super G Girls

Heidi Huber - 3rd U12

Kell Christianson (top center), Super G champion.

Super G Boys

Kell Christenson - 1st overall and U14

Bodie Lenz - 3rd overall and U14

Drake Fricke - 4th overall and U14

Big G Girls

Ingrid Fricke - 1st U8

Nadine Hansen - 1st U10

Eilee Lenz - 5th U10

Big G Boys

Oliver Svensrud - 1st U10

Soren Fricke - 2nd U10

Jackson Stephenson - 2nd U8

Giant Slalom Boys

Bodie Lenz - 1st overall, 1st U14

Oliver Svensrud - 3rd overall, 1st U10

Drake Fricke - 4th U14

Soren Fricke - 2nd U10

Slalom Girls

Ingrid Fricke - 1st U8

Ansley Coubrough - 3rd U8

Eilee Lenz - 2nd U10

Heidi Huber - 5th U12

Slalom Boys

Jackson Stephenson - 2nd U8

Erik Dettori -3rd U8

Soren Fricke - 1st U10

Henry Huber - 5th U10

Bodie Lenz - 2nd U14

Bodie Lenz (top center), overall champion.


BSF Girls 1st in Big G, 3rd in Slalom

BSF Boys 1st in Super G, 2nd in Slalom