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Lone Peak Speed Series

Big Sky Alpine Races Lone Peak Speed Series                  

February 10-11, 2018        


Alpine ski racers from the Northern Division spent last weekend at Big Sky for the Lone Peak Speed Series, with three Super G races. Bridger Ski Foundation’s Octavia Fisher won the first Super G (both overall and for her age group) and took second in the next races. Teammates Riley Asbell, Callie Dahlberg, and Kate Hanson all took age group wins.


On the men’s side, BSF’s Max Larimer dominated the Super G with three age group wins and two overall wins. Among U14 boys, Walker Henyon had two firsts and a second.

 Great racing by the BSF team earned them the overall team award for the series.


Link to full results.


Super G  Women      

(results for Super G #1, #2, #3)

Madalyn Ziegler        14th in U14   7th in U14    

Octavia Fisher            1st in U16 (1st overall)        2nd in U16 (2nd overall)    2nd in U16 (2nd overall)

Sydney Rogers           6th in U16     5th in U16     4th in U16

Riley Asbell    1st in U19                  2nd in U19

Violet Newhouse       3rd in U19     4th in U19    

Jessica King    9th in U19     2nd in U19    5th in U19

Kate Hanson  1st in U21 (2nd overall)      1st in U21 (3rd overall)       2nd in 21

Callie Dahlberg          2nd in U21 (3rd overall)     2nd in U21    1st in U21

Quinn Asbell  3rd in U21     3rd in U21     3rd in U21


Super G Men

(results for Super G #1, #2, #3)


Walker Henyon         2nd  in U14   2nd in U14    1st in U14

Kell Christenson        14th in U14   19th in U14   22nd in U14

Connor English          18th in U14   11th in U14  

Zack Ziegler    19th in U14   24th in U14  

Bailey Boettcher        35th in U14   34th in U14   29th in U14

Henry Pritham          6th in U16     8th in U16    

Tait Roberts   12th in U16   11th in U16   10th in U14

Brenden Radick         13th in U16   16th in U16   14th in U14

Max Larimer  1st in U19 (4th overall)       1st  in U19 (1st overall)       1st in U19 (1st overall)

Dustin Hansen           5th in U19     7th in U19     5th in U19

Samuel Rogers           7th in U19     8th in U19     4th in U19

Kolter Stevenson       11th in U19   12th in U19   11th in U19