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JNQ #2 in Soldier Hollow, Utah

The BSF Nordic team traveled to Utah for the second Junior National Qualifier, and came home with some great results.

"BSF skiers performed well at the Super Qualifier at Soldier Hollow. We had many great performances in all age groups," said Nordic Program Director and Head Coach Dragan Danevski.

Georgi Fischer and Sabine Love in the skate sprint.
Cale Woods in the skate sprint


In the sprints, more than half of the BSF skiers advanced from the qualifier into the heats.

Top sprint finishes

Ari Woods 7th

Cale Woods 4th

Georgi Fischer 10th

Sabine Love 12th

Max Kluck 10th 

Phineas Fischer 11th

Tate Sven 5th

Seth Wyatt 8th 

Hans Pessl 16th

Full sprint results

Distance Mass Start Classic

Top distance finishes

Seth Wyatt 14th

Sven Tate 17th

Georgi Fischer 3rd

Ari Woods 6th

Paige Colletta 15th

Lauren Potyk 16th

Emma White 16th

Sabine Love 19th

Phineas Fischer 4th

Max Kluck 6th

Cale Woods 17th

Full distance results