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Freestyle Sprints U.S. Cross Country Nationals

U.S. Nationals, Anchorage, Alaska


Freestyle Sprints


(below are results for the top 3 finishers, plus all local finishers, including BSF alums)

Note that for deciding spots on the U.S. Ski Team for the Olympics, sprint points only come from the qualifier results; not the ensuing heats or sprint finals.   

Men's Freestyle Sprint Final results                               

1          Reese Hanneman      APU    

2          Kevin Bolger  Sun Valley     

3          Tyler Kornfield          APU    

11       Nicholas Michaud      BSF      (4th in qualifier, which scores  sprint points for Olympic team)

15       Logan Diekmann       Utah Ski Team           *BSF Alum

17       Cole Morgan              Sun Valley      *BSF Alum

32       Silas Talbot    BSF     

33       Erik Axelsson MSU   

42       Akeo Maifeld-Carucci            Bend Endurance       *BSF Alum

44       Karsten Hokanson    MSU   

46       Noah Andersen         MSU   

68       Max LaChance           BSF     

74       Eli Jensen       MSU   

110     Martin Muan MSU   

124     Kai Mittelsteadt         BSF     

127     Nicholas Power          BSF     

160     Andrew Meyer          BSF     


Women's Freestyle Sprint                           

1          Caitlin Patterson       Craftsbury GRP        

2          Jasmi Joensuu            University of Denver           

3          Petra Hycicova           Colorado University 

13       Corey Stock    BSF     

14       Erika Flowers SMS T2           *BSF Alum

15       Johanna Taligarm     MSU   

29       Sofia Shomento         Dartmouth Ski Team            *BSF Alum

48       Kathleen O'Connell   MSU   

55       Jordi Floyd     MSU   

58       Emma Tarbath          MSU   

88       Hannah Cole  BSF     

100     Marin Coletta Colby College             *BSF Alum

128     Ryan Terry     BSF