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Freestyle Junior Nationals

BSF Freestyle athletes Talia Gilpin, Makayla Papke, and Jonas Cawley each earned a spot at the U.S. Freestyle Junior Nationals, scheduled to be in Winter Park, Colorado, March 11-16. Like so many others, they didn't see their championships to a completion this year, due to COVID-19, but they did get the chance to test themselves on the mogul course during the first few days of competition.

Freestyle Program Director Mike Papke had nothing but good things to say about the three competitors: 

Talia Gilpin: Finished 10th in U17, with a score of 54.3. "Talia is a great competitor!  She has a great head on her shoulders and knows what she needs to do when the starter says, "3,2,1, go."  Talia is a leader when it comes to our female mogul skiers on BSF.  She can take the nerves and turn them into smiles."

Makayla Papke (Mike's daughter!):  Finished 24th in U15 with a 43.56. "It was great to see Makayla train as hard as she did.  It is always fun to see an athlete peak at the appropriate time.  Makayla scored her highest score of the season at an event that had the best Junior female mogul skiers in the country."


Jonas Cawley: Took 14th in  U17. "This was Jonas first year earning a start at Junior Nationals.  Jonas has always been the bubble boy or the first few nationally not to be invited.  To always be 'a bridesmaid and never a bride' is something that wears on an athlete.  I am proud of Jonas for sticking to his training plan and getting some experience on the National stage."