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Freeride Team Competes in Big Sky

Twelve BSF athletes competed in the International Freeskiers and Snowboarders Association (IFSA) Junior Regional competition at Big Sky last weekend.

Harrison Hoffman won first place for snowboarding in the 12-14 male age group. Erik Steckmest was fourth and Soren Fricke sixth among 12-14 male skiers, and the team as a whole had a strong day of skiing to represent BSF among some of the best juniors in the region.

The BSF Freeride Team is a new pilot venture. This season, BSF is providing additional coaching and training for Alpine, Freestyle/Freeskiing and Snowboarding athletes who want to explore and compete in big mountain freeride competitions, where athletes are judged on the line choice down the course, control, fluidity, technique, style and energy. With several coaches already on staff who compete in freeride competitions themselves, plus athletes showing interest in branching into this realm, it seemed like a natural expansion. Athletes are still training with their regular team disciplines, as well.  

Bailey Servais, who coaches both Alpine Devo and heads up the Big Mountain program, said that it was a great weekend. "Other than a couple of crashes, I would say each kid skied to the best of their ability/limits."