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FIS Elite at Big Sky

FIS Elite Races at Big Sky

Six members of the Bridger Ski Foundation (BSF) Alpine Team competed in a stacked field at the Western Region FIS Tech Elite ski races at Big Sky Resort. Montana played host to the top competitors from Canada, Alaska, and the entire western U.S., making for a competitive field with two days of slalom and two days of giant slalom for both the men and women.


BSF’s Max Larimer landed on the podium in 3rd in the slalom, while Evin Haworth led the women with two top-ten finishes.


Max Larimer

3rd Slalom  (1)

10th Slalom (2)

18th Giant Slalom (1)

19th Giant Slalom (2)



Octavia Fisher

11th Slalom (1)

17th Slalom (2)

15th Giant Slalom (1)

14th Giant Slalom (2)


Riley Asbell

20th Slalom (1)

26th Slalom (2)

19th Giant Slalom (2)

Evin Haworth

6th Giant Slalom

9th Slalom (1)

12th Slalom (2)


Sydney Rogers

24th Giant Slalom

35th Slalom (1)

29th Slalom (2)


Amelia Volk

40th Slalom (2)

44th Giant Slalom (1)

56th Giant Slalom (2)