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Day 3 & 4 (updated) of XC Junior Nationals
Warm-up time.

It was a tough day with temperatures in the 50s and it being the third day of racing this week for skiers at the XC Junior National Championships in Soldier Hollow, Utah. The course grew increasingly soft and slow as races progressed throughout the day on Friday.

Still, BSF skiers persevered with several top 10 finishes during the freestyle distance races.

15 KM Freestyle                    

Andrew Meyer          8th MU20      34:05


10 KM Freestyle                   

Seth Wyatt     31st MU18     23:20

Hans Pessl      54st MU18     24:35

Sofia Shomento (BSF Alum)             5th FU20        31:16

Marin Coletta (BSF Alum)    6th FU20        31:48

Ariana Woods            9th FU20        32:04


5 KM Freestyle                      

Kai Mittelsteadt         10th MU16    18:22

Stirling Marshall-Pryde        23rd MU16    19:08

Cale Woods    37th MU16    19:29

Aidan Van Eerden     56th MU16    20:55

Paige Coletta  25th FU16     22:14

Georgiana Fischer     43rd FU16     23:31

Coach Dragan with Georgiana Fischer (middle) and Paige Coletta (left).


 In the team relays on Saturday, an Intermountain Division team clinched the bronze in the women's U20 race. Sofia Shomento (Dartmouth, BSF), Arianna Woods (BSF), and Annika Landis (Middlebury College) finished third in the 3 x 3.3 km, behind first place New England and second place Rocky Mountain region.

On the men's side, BSF's Kai Mittelsteadt was the anchor leg for the silver-medal winning Intermountain Division team, which included Aidan Rasmussen of Watsatch and Elijah Weenig of Jackson Hole Ski Club.

U16 Intermountain Division team with a silver in the team relay.

Team Relays  3 X 3.3 km       

Andrew Meyer          8th MU20      IMD-1

Hans Pessl      11th MU20    IMD-2

Seth Wyatt     7th MU18      IMD-2

Ariana Woods            3rd FU20       IMD-1

Sofia Shomento (BSF alum) 3rd FU20       IMD-2

Marin Coletta (BSF alum)    4th FU20        NE-2

Kai Mittelsteadt         2nd MU16     IMD-1

Aidan Van Eerden     13th MU16    Mixed-2

Stirling Marshall-Pryde        14th MU16    IMD-2

Cale Woods    14th MU16    IMD-2

Paige Coletta  9th FU16        IMD-2

Georgianna Fischer   9th FU16        IMD-2

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