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Alpine at Great Divide

from Coach LaRue

Great Job to everyone that raced at Great Divide this past weekend. It was a weekend of overcoming adversity and showing patience.

Saturday and Sunday were very long days with early starts and late finishes. The boys were waiting at the start for their second run well after the lifts shut at 4 pm,  charging down a rough course with low light. Slalom is tough on a normal day, and our athletes showed their mental and physical toughness to make it down every run this weekend. Even with the adverse course condition and race delays, coaches and athletes kept a positive attitude and made the best of it.

Congrats to all our athletes for having some of their best races--those who fought to finish a run with hiking, or making great moves to stay on course, and  those who didn't finish a race but were charging hard before going out. BSF is skiing strong going into our final two races of the YSL series (Big Sky YSL, and YSL Champs @ Red Lodge).