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2020 Jim Bridger Trail Run Results

The 2020 Jim Bridger Trail Run (COVID-19 edition) brought 156 runners to the start line for the 27th annual running of the 10-mile loop through Middle Cottonwood and Sypes Canyon. The race was organized by the Bridger Ski Foundation and proceeds were split between the Bridger Foothills Fire Relief Fund and the BSF Nordic Pro Team.

Grayson Murphy en route to a new course record. She finished first among women and second overall. ALL PHOTOS: Anna Sellers


  1. Grayson Murphy 1:19:32 (*new women's record)
  2. Jamie Brusa 1:29:49
  3. Erika Flowers 1:31:51
  4. Hannah Rudd 1:35:39
  5. Malory Young 1:40:51
  6. Hannah Van Wetter 1:42:15
  7. Ellie Hands 1:43:30
  8. Martha Boben 1:43:41
  9. Lily Johnston 1:46:50
  10. Brianna Russell 1:47:47


  1. Jason Donald 1:18:46
  2. Tony Clement 1:19:32
  3. Simon Zink 1:20:09
  4. Jack Levitt 1:21:59
  5. Peter Hinds 1:24:15
  6. Jonah Steinberg 1:24:39
  7. Sam Noel 1:25:02
  8. Marco Huot 1:26:02
  9. Nick Matelich 1:28:25
  10. North Bennett 1:28:45



While the course was the same, this year's race had runners starting in small waves of no more than 40 runners each, spaced 20 minutes apart, in order to maintain small crowd size and enable social distancing between individuals.

A huge thanks to Excel Physical Therapy and Schnee's for being sponsors of this year's event.