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2019 Cross Country Junior Nationals

(updated 3/18; stay tuned for more photos!)

The Intermountain Division Team at the opening ceremonies.

This year, an impressive number of BSF Nordic skiers qualified for Junior Nationals in Anchorage, Alaska. Seventeen BSF athletes made the trip, and with the help of scholarships from BSF,  represented the Intermountain Division of Utah, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho.

The week-long championships included two distance races, sprints, and a team relay with the best young skiers in the country battling it out at Kincaid Park in Anchorage. Several BSF athletes had top-20 finishes, and Kai Mittelsteadt teamed up with two other Intermountain Division athletes from Sun Valley, Hayden Halvorsen and Johnny Hagenbuch, to win the U18 Men's Relay by just 0.6 seconds over Alaska. Mittelsteadt also finished 10th in the Classic 15K, 11th in the sprint, and 17th in the 10K Freestyle. U16 skier Phinneas Fischer finished 16th in the sprints, and Ariana Woods took 17th in the 10K Classic.

Full results:

Cale Woods
Phinneas Fischer
Wax prep.
The IMD Team on the podium for the team relays.


10K Freestyle Men

Kai Mittelsteadt - 17th U18  25:08

Eli Nielsen - 17th U20 25:27

Seth Wyatt - 39th U18 25:58

Sven Tate - 33rd U20 26:15

Sam Schoderbek - 39th U20 26:52


Max Kluck - 29th U16 13:28

Cale Woods - 33rd U16 13:33

Phineas Fischer - 51st 14:05


Paige Coletta - 46th U18 15:26

Ariana Woods - 22nd U20 - 15:27

Georgianna Fischer  58th U18-  15:39

Sabine Love - 65th U18 - 16:00

Emma White - 36th U16 - 15:31

Clara Wyatt - 55th U16 - 16:10

Anna Alexander - 58th U16 - 16:26


Men U20

19. Sven Tate

31. Eli Nielsen

32. Sam Schoderbeck

Women U20

21. Ariana Woods

24. Lauren Potyk

Men U18

11. Kai Mittelsteadt

27. Seth Wyatt

Women U18

25. Georgianna Fischer

44. Paige Coletta

52. Sabine Love

Men U16

16. Phineas Fischer

27. Cale Woods

30. Max Kluck

Women U16

44. Anna Alexander

53. Emma White

58. Clara Wyatt

Classic Distance

5K Classic  U16 Girls

28. Emma White 15:53

62. Anna Alexander 16:44

66. Clara Wyatt 16:52

5K Classic U16 Boys

32. Phineas Fischer 14:03

33. Cale Woods 14:04

55. Max Kluck 14:42

10K Classic U18 Girls

29. Georgianna Fischer 30:51

32. Paige Coletta 31:05

64. Sabine Love 32:58

10K Classic U18 Boys

10. Kai Mittelsteadt 26:30

59. Seth Wyatt 28:40

10K Classic U20 Girls

17. Ariana Woods 30:47

22. Lauren Potyk 31:38

15K Classic U20 Boys

23. Sven Tate 40:32

25. Eli Nielsen 40:50

31. Sam Schoderbek 41:24