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Update from Reid!

August 19, 2021
Reid Goble


Reid here, checking in after our camp in Cable!

I have now arrived back in Bozeman after briefly returning to the wild midwest for our camp in Wisconsin. We finished up our week by doing a sprint relay as our final intensity session that Lauren talked a bit about in her blog as well. It was a super fun workout and one of my favorites of the summer. Our very last day in Cable was pretty chill as we were all feeling pretty tired after all the intensity and volume. We did an easy distance ski in the morning and competed in an Andy Newell devised lake-Olympics in the afternoon. Our events consisted of team stand-up paddleboarding, inner-tube kayaking, and dual paddleboard surfing. I was on a team with Simon, who had to carry the team after I ripped a cut on my leg back open on the first event after taking stitches out the day before...but I’m pretty sure we still won ;).

Just chillin on a raft

Moments before falling

I am feeling really good after our camp and am looking forward to dialing in my training in the last bit of summer. We are back in Bozeman for a bit and have some exciting stuff coming up. Our next big thing is our camp in Lake Placid, NY starting on september 11th, which is right around the corner! We’ll be training with the Sun Valley Gold Team and Stratton Mountain Elite Team. Be on the lookout for more updates as we make our way closer to fall.

Stay cool,