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Update from Hannah!

August 10, 2021
Hannah Rudd


Hannah here, checking in from Cable, WI where our team will be training for the next week!


As most know, the majority of cross-country skiers follow a periodized training plan. Two weeks ago, we had a big volume block which meant we were focusing on getting in a lot of quality training (anywhere between 20-30hours). During the week, we did a lot of long rollerskis, OD mountain runs,some swimming, and biking. Having volume blocks like this helps us to improve muscular aerobic efficiency and to continue building a strong base fitness so that we are able to sustain our form throughout the entire season.

Running the Bridger Ridge as one of our OD workouts this week!
Leah, Reid, and I before a Hyalite swim- hardest part of my volume week hands down
Heather coming in clutch with all the snacks after our long ski-swim workout

After finishing off our volume week with a long day of training on Sunday (pictured above), I was sufficiently tired and in need of some rest. Luckily for me, the next week in our training cycle was a recover week, which means lower hours, minimal intensity, and lots of R&R. These recovery weeks allow us to rest, and fully absorb all the training we just completed. During these weeks, we still train almost every day, however, the sessions are a lot more laid back and individualized- letting everyone focus on what they need to do to fully recover. This week, I used my extra time to catch upon work, visit a sports chiropractor, hang out with friends, and get some extra sleep.

Some easy skiing with Leah
End-of-summer BBQ with the team!

After a relaxing recovery week, we are now entering the next phase of our training cycle- an intensity block. Being able to work on intensity at sea level provides a great training advantage. Sea level training not only allows you to better work on your speed, but also helps you to recovery quicker between hard intensity sessions. For these reasons, our team is currently in Cable, WI (1,362 ft above sea level) for our training camp. Over the next 8 days, we will be doing a lot of intensity workouts including classic speeds, skate threshold, L4 bounding on the Birkie trail, and a rollerski time trial.

Logan & Simon doing some post-training fishing
Team dinner on the deck


Stay tunned for more updates throughout the camp!!


Thanks for reading!