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July Fun

July 25, 2021
Leah Lange

Can’t believe it is already approaching the end of July! It feels as if it was just June. June was a fun month here in Bozeman because there was nearly a birthday every day. The training was good but I was a little injured but we are getting more dialed here in July. 

Something that has been a big part of my past summer training and also want to be a part of this summer training is jumping into some running races, particularly the Cirque Series based out of Utah. I think they are pretty fun running races because they are always at ski resorts, so in beautiful areas. You also get a peak and steep climbing and fun descents. I really think it is a valuable way for a skier to gain race experience in the summer, tap into that l4+ mindset, but also because they are longer (1-2hours) the person can build their l3 fitness. It also adds agility among other skills. Additionally I think it correlates to skiing better than other running races. A significant portion of the uphills are walking which is far more similar to the muscles skiers use, and we are better at it. 

Brighton Ski Resort
Alta Race

Besides that, the races are such a party, with good music, food and other activities. I always have so many friends and the vibe is always positive. It’s been really cool for me to watch people I grew up with, who probably said they will never run and jump in these races and really enjoy it. Then there are the friends of mine that travel from other places that I grew up racing with that jump in. Plus I get to see my mom, she is the best:) (and she reads these so many she will be home for dinner next time).

Anna Gibson, former nordic skier now incredible runner!
Foss, Ezra and I on Middle Teton, a lil smokey
Fun team runs!

That has really been the highlight for July for me. The Bozeman crew is just crushing it and everyone is skiing fast and getting along. It is pretty fun to have all the college kids around to train with and hang with. We are going to finish off July with a two week volume block which I think we are all excited to enter.