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Volunteer Spotlight: Bruce Kreuger
February 28, 2019
Jenny White

Volunteers are a crucial part of the BSF culture. We couldn't do what do without them. Here's one volunteer (of many) that is a superstar.

Bruce Kreuger on the race hill.

There's a steadfast volunteer who is the first one on the hill at Alpine races and the last one off, and who works countless hours before and after race days, too. For the last 17 years, Bruce Kreuger has been one of BSF's most dedicated volunteers. He and his wife, Susan, began volunteering in 2002, when their son Clayton began racing, and even though they no longer have kids in the program, the volunteer hours have never waned. A ski racer in high school, Bruce's love of the sport has endured. He is one of the longest running members of our Alpine committee, and was awarded BSF Alpine Volunteer of the Decade in 2010.

Jason Moore, Alpine program director, notes, "Bruce is consistently logging hundreds of hours each season and always smiling while working in the trenches." Bruce has also been instrumental in running BSF's annual Ski Swap, taking over the reigns after Rob Hamilton stepped down. "Without a doubt, we absolutely could not do these great events without him," says Jason.

Bruce's generosity extends beyond BSF, as he also supports other divisional races and will help out other clubs who need a hand.

If you see Bruce on the hill (and you can't miss the smile slightly hidden by his trademark mustache), give him a high five and a "Thank You."