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Snowmaking Commences
November 28, 2020
Jenny White

On Friday, November 27, the Bridger Ski Foundation’s trail crew began snowmaking efforts on the in-town Sunset Hills trails. (Up until now, though we have tested the system, temperatures have not been in favor of good snowmaking.) The plan is to work with the drier overnight conditions for the week ahead—primarily making snow during early morning shifts when the temps, relative humidity and wind are lower.

What’s good snowmaking weather?

We work off of the wet bulb temperature, which is a combination of relative humidity and air temp (see the chart).  To be efficient, we need at least low 20s F and relative humidity below 80.

Where are you snowmaking?

Crews will be working from the Sunset Hills pump house (by the hospital) toward the sledding hill and Lindley Center, with the goal of getting enough of a base down (10-12” minimum) so that the Pisten Bully can then work. From there, absent more natural snowfall, we will continue to work around the perimeter loop and connect past the softball complex back to the pump house. (Maps of all Community Nordic Trails are HERE.)

Snowmaking (looking toward the pump house and the hospital).

When will grooming start?

We need to establish a base of about 12 inches first. Without consistent cold, dry daytime temps (or enough natural snowfall), it may take some time to build up this base so that grooming may begin.

We know you’re itching to ski, but please be patient while we make snow. This year, due to the construction, we have a dirt base on much of the trail, and if we tried to groom before we had enough of a base, we would make a mess with dirt and gravel in the snowpack for the entire season (and your skis would not like it).  For the same reason, please do not walk or track mud onto the man-made snow piles. Dirt mixed into the snowpack not only makes for poor skiing, but it also accelerates the melting on sunny days.

Check in with the BSF Grooming Report for updates.

New to the Sunset Hills snowmaking project?

Read the November  6 Press Release on snowmaking

Web page on Sunset Hills

How to support the snowmaking project

BSF must raise a remaining $130,000 to finish paying for the snowmaking project. DONATE HERE.

BSF is also offering naming opportunities, a donor wall on the pump house and other incentives for businesses or individuals. Contact Laura Huggins, for more information.

Get your trail pass

Trail maintenance and grooming is funded solely through donations, voluntary trail passes and grants. This is an unusual, skier-funded model, but it keeps skiing free for all. To make this viable, if you have the means, help out your community and support the Bridger Ski Foundation trails program with a pass.

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