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Nordic Nights & Intra-Team Swap
October 17, 2018

We have lots of opportunities to source skis & other gear this fall. Here's the rundown. Any current member of a BSF Nordic program (youth & adult) are welcome:

October 25

Intra Team Swap

5:00 PM at Lindley Center

Buy and sell used gear among other BSF Nordic skiers. (This is casual--each buyer/seller handles their own transaction.)

Details: This is the annual BSF Nordic Intra-team Swap for BSF team members to exchange Nordic equipment and clothing. We have limited space so please save your alpine and touring gear for the big swap at the fairgrounds.  Our "mini swap" is an informal exchange event for families in a BSF Nordic program (all Junior and Masters programs) for the 2018/19 season. Sales will be conducted by the owner of the equipment directly with the buyer, without any BSF intermediary.

Schedule of Events

4:45pm-5:45pm - Lindley Center opens for sellers to organize and price gear

5:30pm - Devo Team Practice ends, pizza available for Devo Team

6:00pm - Comp Team Practice ends, pizza available for Comp team

6:15pm - Swap Sales Begins

7:45pm - Sale Concludes (Clean up begins - help is always appreciated!)

Swap Rules

1. This sale is only open to BSF Nordic members/families.
2. This event will be conducted like a semi-organized neighborhood garage sale.
3. There is no gear drop-off. Sellers are responsible for organizing, pricing, and collecting money/making change for their sales.
4. Stickers, shoe tags, rubber bands, and markers will be availalbe for the sellers to aid in pricing - or label your gear at home with the tags below. At a minimum, pricing stickers/tags should include: price and the name of the seller (cell number is also handy for easier link-up).


6. Coaches will be available to answer technical questions about equipment.

7. Any gear left behind at the conclusion of the sale will be donated to Argentine Para-Olympian Pablo Robledo's new youth Nordic club in Argentina. There will be a donation box at the entry/exit door at the swap if you would like to donate any of your unsold gear or have other ski/winter items you'd like to donate to this team.
8. Pizza and drinks will be provided for the athletes only who will be finishing practice when the swap begins.

Questions? Contact: Sarah Alexander -

October 29

Nordic Night at Round House Sports, 1442 W. Main

5:30 pm - 8:00 p.m.

special discounts on this night

October 30

Nordic Night at Bangtail

5:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

special discounts on this night

November 2

Dropoff day for the big BSF Ski Swap

10 a.m. - 7 p.m. at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds

dropoff any clothing or equipment you want to sell

View all Ski Swap info here.

November 3 & 4

BSF Ski Swap Sale

8 a.m. Saturday - Ski Swap Volunteers allowed in

9 a.m. Saturday BSF members allowed in, free

10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Saturday Sale open to the general public

10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Sunday - Sale open to the general public

2 p.m.- 5 p.m. You must pick up any unsold items.