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Help Us Purchase 2 New Grooming Snowmobiles
June 28, 2022
It's time to put two of the BSF grooming snowmobiles out to pasture. Help the Community Nordic Trails Program invest in new utility sleds.


Bridger Ski Foundation’s Trails Program needs to replace two of our five snowmobiles. Both are beyond their intended lifespan at 12+ years old, need increasing repairs, overheat when pulling equipment, and don’t start in the cold. As you can imagine, this constant fiddling/fixing eats up time, money (and maybe a little patience, too). Plus, while the addition of snowmaking to our operations makes for great skiing, it’s hard on equipment. It's time to invest in meeting the growing needs of the Community Nordic Trails Program, which is why we're looking at specialized utility sleds designed to provide consistent, efficient, and high-quality grooming.


The two new Skandic LEs from Ski-Doo ($15,499 each) will have a wider track, operate in extreme temperatures, and can pull heavy equipment without overheating. With a little help, we can be grooming with them by winter. To pay for the snowmobiles, BSF needs to raise $31,000 through sponsorships and individual donations.


Make a donation to BSF's Snowmobile Campaign today. DONATE NOW.

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Businesses, we also have four sponsorships available that include your logo on the snowmobiles and their covers for five years. If interested, contact