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Help Build Out the New Team Room
July 20, 2021
Needed: lockers, video review stations, and finishing materials. An anonymous donor has offered a $5,000 matching pledge that will double your donation today. DONATE HERE.

The Evolution of the Team Room: from the parking lot to four walls …

In the last 85 years, local ski teams have had many gathering places, including tailgates in the parking lot where kids' fingers went numb putting on their boots.

When LaRue Seitz-Dettori, BSF’s current Alpine Program Co-Director, was growing up as an athlete with BSF in the 1990s, the team room was an old A-frame ticket building next to the A parking lot.

“There wasn’t much in the A-frame other than ski racks and benches. It was dark and cold inside but it provided a place to put boots on and store skis,” remembers LaRue. “Skis were stored in racks along the slanted walls/roof of the A-frame.” As a result, the snow melting off the skis dripped down onto the benches, making for soggy benches and clothes.

BSF’s team room later moved to a small room at the end of the Bridger Bowl Ski Patrol building, with heat, lights and a bathroom. It was a comfortable space to put on boots and store gear.

With BSF’s growing numbers, we’re incredibly fortunate that Bridger Bowl included a larger team room for BSF (as well as one for Eagle Mount) when they expanded the Ski Patrol Building last summer. While Bridger Bowl funded the building, Bridger Ski Foundation must now raise the funds to finish the interior of the room. Help us give the Alpine & Freestyle Teams a new home!

Message from the Executive Director

Dear BSF Community,

This summer, BSF will be outfitting the newly renovated Bridger Bowl Team Room. The Team Room is a valuable space for team building and will be the headquarters for both the Freestyle and Alpine teams. Construction plans include athlete lockers and video review stations. This space will also be used for team meetings and as our event headquarters.

Project costs are budgeted at $10,000. To date, we have received a $5,000 matching pledge and $1,600 of in-kind support from Kenyon Noble. BSF is asking our community to help fund the remaining $3,400.

Please consider donating today to help us meet our matching pledge: DONATE HERE.

You can also reach out to Laura Huggins, BSF Development Director, for more information at


Evan Weiss

BSF Executive Director