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Give Big Gallatin Valley: A Chance to Give Back
April 17, 2018
Jenny White

On May 3 & 4, 2018, Bridger Ski Foundation will join other local nonprofits in a 24-hour campaign to raise $1 million for local nonprofits. This is a chance to donate to BSF and your other favorite organizations.

DONATE ONLINE May 3 & 4, 6pm to 6pm

This year, we're making it personal. At BSF, board members, athletes, parents, and friends are signing on to fundraise on behalf of BSF. Every donation matters, and we have a big goal: to raise $24,000 in 24 hours.


It’s easy. Sign up below. On May 3 or 4, send a quick email or post on social media and tell people why BSF is important. Give them a link to your Give Big fundraising page. Raise money! Get a hat. (Maybe win a season's pass.)


Artwork donated by Rachel Pohl.

Get 10 people to donate at least $10 to BSF through your fundraising page and receive a limited edition trucker hat with art by Rachel Pohl. 

Raise $500: For every $500 dollars you raise (or donate), you’ll get one entry into a raffle to win a SEASON’S PASS to Bridger Bowl.  (Thank you, Bridger Bowl!)


1. SIGN UP. Anyone can sign up to fundraise for BSF at  (then click on the green FUNDRAISE button). 

Having trouble? Email

2. YOUR FUNDRAISING PAGE. Personalize your fundraising page, if you want. Set a goal for yourself. 

3. May 3 & 4  - MAKE AN ASK. Ask friends and family to donate to BSF. Email them the link to your fundraising page so you get credit for their donations. Share the link on social media. 

Donations made to your page will automatically be applied to BSF's Give Big total and will also be eligible for Give Big prizes and matching funds.


It's not. Give Big is all about giving back to the nonprofits that support our community. Giving is fun. Really. And people feel GOOD after they give. All you need to do is tell someone why BSF matters and why BSF deserves support. The rest is up to them. 

And don't worry, BSF will lend you some support. We'll even send you a sample email you can send out.


Whether you raise $10, $500, and/or roll your own piggy bank savings into a donation, you're making a difference and you're part of something bigger. We can't wait to see what this community does on May 3 & 4!

BSF's Give Big fundraising page: 

Questions? Email