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Final JNQ of the Season: BSF to Send 18 Nordic Skiers to Junior Nationals
February 23, 2024
Andrew Morehouse

Photos: Bill Stoddart

After an adventurous and long journey to McCall, Idaho, the BSF Nordic Comp Team had an amazing weekend of racing.  The conditions were perfect, with fresh snow on the trees and blue skies for the races, and BSF showed off its sprinting prowess with 7 athletes making it to the A Final of their respective races and a sweep of the U18/20 podium! 

Izzy Waters commanded the field with a strong win in the U16 girls class.  On Sunday, Izzy again showed her grit with another impressive win and Jasper Jacobsen led the men's team with a strong 2nd place result - his best ever at a JNQ!  The Nicholas sisters of Natalie and Necia had a strong showing in the U18/20 female races with a 3rd and 5th place finish respectively.  

Our BSF Nordic Seniors

Along with strong results, the BSF squad again showed that sportsmanship, fun, and camaraderie are key ingredients to success on the trail.  Our team cheered loudly for their teammates and competitors and managed the long van rides with laughter and, on the ride home, an enthusiasm for football as they listened to the Super Bowl.

It was a great finish to the Junior National qualifying season, and 18 athletes will represent BSF at Junior Nationals in Lake Placid, NY.  The rest of the team will set its sights on the Rendezvous, Western Club Championships, and International Spring Series races!


Cole Bothner

Ayden Brutger

Tommy Delevaux

Ashley Grossklaus

Neva Halverson

Tula Higman

Tobi Jacobsen

Jasper Jacobsen

Emelia Jordan

Hanna Kluck

Samuel Madsen

Natalie Nicholas

Necia Nicholas

Nate Veltman

Isabella Waters

Callahan Waters

Woody West

Landon Wyatt