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Coach of the Month: Emily Danza
December 20, 2018
Jenny White
Meet the coaches that make BSF thrive.

BSF alpine coach Emily Danza is our coach of the month. We're thrilled to have her on the slopes with our athletes, keeping their spirits upbeat, adding an extra element of fun, and steering them towards great skiing.

Emily joined the BSF coaching staff in 2015 after retiring from NCAA racing with Montana State University. She grew up in Italy and spent three years on the Italian Development team before coming to MSU, where she consistently earned top 10 finishes at the regional level and a top 20 slalom finish at the 2014 NCAA National Championships.

"Emily is a conscientious coach that has the big picture in mind," says BSF Alpine Program Director Jason Moore. "Not only is Emily a standout coach in the training and racing environment, Emily is a very positive mentor off the hill, throughout the entire year.  Emily's colleagues and athletes enjoy her professionalism and sincere friendship!"

Emily hails from a ski family; her sister Jennifer was an Italian National Team member. And Emily has connected BSF to Italy, helping to host summer camps in Italy.

Emily earned a psychology degree at MSU, with a minor in coaching. She's currently finishing her Masters in Sports and Performance Psychology at Denver University. We're pleased to have her back in Bozeman through January while she's on break from her graduate work. She plans to finish her studies this spring and return to her beloved Montana and Bozeman.