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BSF Nordic: 6 All-Americans and 1 Junior National Champion 
March 19, 2024
Andrew Morehouse
Isabella Waters celebrates her first Junior National Championship, winning the U16 Classic Sprint. (All Photos: Wayne Petsch Photography)

The Bridger Ski Foundation had an unprecedented 18 athletes qualify for the U.S. Cross Country Skiing Junior National Championships, held in Lake Placid, New York, last week. They teamed up with the top regional skiers to represent the Intermountain Division (IMD) in a fierce regional rivalry, where the IMD eventually finished second to New England. 

Jasper Jacobsen

The races were held at the recently updated facilities at Mount VanHoevenberg, and BSF athletes had a great week exploring the historic town of Lake Placid (site of the 1932 and 1980 Olympics), jumping in Mirror Lake, watching the film Miracle, and getting to know their IMD teammates.

Natalie Nicholas, who finished 4th in the 7.5K Freestyle for U18 Women.

On the trails, BSF showed up ready to race, posting All-American finishes (top-10) from Tula Higman, Callahan Waters, Natalie Nicholas, Landon Wyatt, Ashley Grossklaus and Izzy Waters, who was crowned National Champion in the U16 Classic Sprint! 

Callahan Waters

 The highlight of the week came during mixed 4 x 3.3k relays on the final day of racing.  BSF athletes Landon Wyatt and Callahan Waters competed on the silver medal winning team in the U18 races and Tula Higman and Izzy Waters helped stage a comeback victory in the U16 relay!  

Tula Higman persevering in difficult conditions.

Our western skiers got a taste of East Coast weather, ranging from beautiful sun to howling wind and snow and some pouring rain. The downhills proved even more challenging than the grueling uphills, with shin deep slush creating treacherous conditions.  BSF athletes showed grit while pushing themselves and finished fourth place in the overall club championships!  Our coaching staff are so proud of all of these athletes, along with their teammates at home who all put in the long, hard work to get to this point!

Neva Halvorson on a sunny day.

Woody West


  1. Alaska Pacific University Nordic Ski Club
  2. Loppet Nordic Racing
  3. Alaska Winter Stars
  4. Bridger Ski Foundation
  5. Green Mountain Valley School 
ALASKA CUP (Division competition among all 10 divisions)
  1. New England
  2. Intermountain Division
  3. Alaska
  4. Rocky Mountain
  5. Midwest




U16 Women 5K Freestyle Individual Start

*8th - Tula Higman

16th - Isabella Waters

23rd - Ayden Brutger

38th - Neva Halvorson

U16 Men 5K Freestyle Individual Start

18th - Samuel Madsen

U18 Women 7.5K Freestyle Individual Start

*4th - Natalie Nicholas

16th - Necia Nicholas

53rd - Hannah Kluck

90th - Tobi Jacobsen 

U18 Men 7.5K Freestyle 

*4th - Landon Wyatt 

*7th - Callahan Waters

60th - Cole Bothner

78th - Tommy Delevaux 

U20 Women 7.5K Freestyle Individual Start

*10th - Ashley Grossklaus

30th - Emelia Jordan

U20 Men 7.5K Freestyle Individual Start

22nd - Nate Veltman

23rd - Woody West

32nd - Jasper Jacobsen 


U18 Women

32nd - Tobi Jacobsen

36th - Necia Nicholas

43rd - Natalie Nicholas

U18 Men

*5th - Callahan Waters

*10th - Landon Wyatt

U20 Women

23rd - Ashley Grossklaus

30th - Emelia Jordan

U20 Men

14th - Jasper Jacobsen

23rd - Woody West 

31st - Nate Veltman

U16 Women

*1st - Isabella Waters

*5th - Tula Higman

37th - Ayden Brutger

42nd - Neva Halverson

U16 Men

33rd - Samuel Madsen

DAY 3 CLASSIC Distance Mass Start

U16 Women 5K

*5th - Isabella Waters

*6th - Tula Higman

43rd - Neva Halverson

49th - Ayden Brutger

U16 Men 5K

20th - Samuel Madsen

U18 Women 10K

19th - Natalie Nicholas

27th - Necia Nicholas

88th - Hanna Kluck

97th - Tobi Jacobsen

U18 Men 10K

*9th - Landon Wyatt

22nd - Callahan Waters

U20 Women 15K

16th - Ashley Grossklaus

23rd - Emelia Jordan

U20 Men 15K

25th - Jasper Jacobsen

34th - Nate Veltman

30th - Woody West 



Jasper Jacobsen on 4th place IMD team 

Ashley Grossklaus on 5th place IMD team


Landon Wyatt & Callahan Waters on 2nd place IMD team


Isabella Waters and Tula Higman on 1st Place IMD team 

Samuel Madsen on 6th place IMD Team