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BSF Freeride Competes in Grand Targhee Pow
March 6, 2024
Coach Bailey Servais

This past weekend, BSF Freeride (Big Mountain) had around 35 athletes represented at Grand Targhee Resort for the IFSA 2* competition. U15 athletes skied through poor visibility, but great pow skiing on Friday, with some awesome results and great skiing all around! On Friday night, Targhee received around four feet of snow along with heavy winds, and the resort didn't even open on Saturday! On Sunday, the U12s and U19s competed in some heavy pow, but ultimately threw down some awesome runs, as well! Overall, BSF had a great showing, and tons of fun!

Here are BSF's top 10s:

U12 Ski Men: Willie Henry – 6th

U15 Snowboard Women: Maren Linden – 1st            

U15 Snowboard Men: Coby Lowe – 2nd

U15 Ski Women: Augusta Milhoan – 4th, Lucia Johnson – 5th, Mya Magro - 6th, Lauren Werner - 7th, Mira Ranieri - 9th

U15 Ski Men: Gunnison Milhoan – 2nd, Leif Steckmest – 6th

U19 Ski Women: Freya Barboeisel – 4th, Kat Pugh – 5th, Elle Johnson – 6th, Grace Brandon – 7th, Maple Devitt – 8th, Maggie Stevens – 9th

U19 Ski Men: Erik Steckmest – 2nd, Bammie Zell – 4th, Deacon Remster (Remy) Pellerin – 6th