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BSF Coaches of the Year: 2020-21
April 30, 2021

The Bridger Ski Foundation has an incredible staff, and at the peak of the 2020-21 season, they were 110 strong. That’s 110 skilled people caring about each and every one of the 885 participants in BSF programs.

Six outstanding coaches have been named BSF Coaches of the Year. And let’s not forgot our Groomer of the Year, either!

Coach Jazzy

Jazzy Lynch: Alpine

Jazzy has a great ability to communicate and connect with athletes of all ages and abilities. On the mountain, she easily shares her love for skiing, no matter the day or the conditions. Plus, Jazzy is a fantastic technical skier and always gives athletes a great visual to model after.  She brings so much to the Alpine Team

Coach Orion

Orion Helms: Freestyle/Freeskiing

Orion started coaching with BSF in 2014, and in the last four years he has grown the Freestyle/Freeski Devo program from 11 to 47 athletes. Orion serves as a great role model for the Devo Team and creates a culture of responsibility and fun.  He has 8 year olds carrying their own skis up to the ridge and 10 year olds getting inverted on the jumps.  It is the goal for everyone in his group to ski “Z Chute” at the end of the year. Off the slopes, Orion organizes raft trips for Wounded Warriors and helps employ other BSF staff, ensuring they are around the following winter.

Coach Ryan

Ryan Montgomery: Alpine/Freestyle Intro

Ryan has been with us for a few years now, and he is the go-to guy. He is always stoked to shred bumps with kids, safely direct kids down challenging lines, and he still enjoys ripping the gates with his straight skis from the 80s in jeans. Ryan is the kind of guy you would want for an uncle or a best friend; he’s trustworthy, kind, and a darn good time. The best kind of coach. Ryan’s stoke for skiing and kids go hand in hand. Year after year, he’s excited to be involved with BSF, and he brings a blast of positive energy while also providing great direction/instruction to the children.

Coach Heidi

Heidi Makoutz: Nordic

Heidi started working for BSF in 2008 as a Development Team coach and now leads the Adult Program.  Her endless enthusiasm and expertise in ski technique allows her to meet a wide range of athletes, from beginners to competitive racers, while creating a positive learning environment.  Under Heidi's leadership, the Adult Nordic Program has grown significantly, now having the most participants for any program under the Nordic umbrella.  Heidi is an invaluable resource at the Bridger Ski Foundation, and we look forward to the continued development of the Adult Program!

Coach Jason

Jason Nicholas: Nordic Intro

Jason loves to Nordic ski and has been an exceptional coach for the Nordic Intro program for the last two years. He is professional, engaging, and puts in 110% effort at every practice. He always comes prepared with a plan and is ready to engage his group with fun games, drills, and adventure skiing. Jason is definitely the most requested coach, and the BSF Intro program is so lucky to have him. During the fall and spring, Jason coaches cross country for the Bozeman Track Club (grades 4-8) and coaches distance for indoor and outdoor track. He also has two daughters who race with the BSF Comp team, and he's the household wax tech (along with the transportation and monetary manager).  

Coach Olivia

Olivia Schwintek: Nordic Intro

Olivia just finished her second year coaching for BSF’s Intro Nordic Program. She is an amazing coach who goes above and beyond at every single practice. She has incredible energy and enthusiasm as a coach and always has a smile on her face. She understands the unique personalities and needs of each of her athletes and helps them to be the best they can be. She handles even the most challenging situations with patience and grace, and always come with a plan to keep her group engaged and learning. Her favorite part of coaching is encouraging kids to work hard and then seeing them encourage one another, all the while experiencing the beauty of the ski trails (and trailblazing their own)

Groomer Eric

Community Nordic Trails Groomer of the Year: Eric Trinward

Eric is our Groomer of the year. He is fun to work with and a consummate team player with a diverse skill set (which always comes in handy out on the trails). His experience with the trails program, grooming and equipment knowledge was a huge help all-around this season, as a sounding board, trainer, mechanic, and team leader.