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BSF Annual Report & Trails Report
June 12, 2023

BSF 2022-23 Annual Report

A sample page from the annual report.

It was a big year for BSF, and we delve into all the details in the 2022-23 Annual Report. See the wins, the challenges, and the plan for the future. For next season, we did increase  program fees so that we can continue to retain in our key staff, invest in the club, and address inflation. Full details of this strategy are on page 14 of the report. And please remember that we have increased scholarship funds (to $50,000 for next season) to help! Deadline for financial aid applications is October 15.


Community Nordic Trails Report

A page from the trails report.

The BSF trail crew takes stock of a record-setting grooming season and a record number of trails passes. Get the full story, plus our plans for the future, in the Community Nordic Trails Report.