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Bozeman to Host NCAA Championships
February 27, 2020
Jenny White

UPDATE: 3/12/20

The NCAA has cancelled all NCAA Championships, including the last two days of the NCAA Skiing Championships here in Bozeman. No races Friday or Saturday.

The best college skiers in the country are coming to Bozeman for the NCAA Championships, March 11-14, 2020. Bridger Ski Foundation (BSF) is proud to be part of the championships. We're the host club running the Alpine racing at Bridger Bowl, and several of our staff, as well as BSF members, are lead volunteers at the Nordic races, hosted by Crosscut Mountain Sports Center.

We've got one awesome ski community pulling together to make these races happen. And we encourage EVERYONE to come out and cheer. There are also a few volunteer spots still open.


This is the eighth time that Bozeman has been host to the NCAA Skiing championships--an honor only matched by Steamboat Springs. The can-do spirit of our volunteers and local ski community have made that happen. Danny Brelsford, retired MSU ski coach, has been around for 7 of those eight championships. Bridger Bowl General Manager Bob Petitt has been involved in five of championships, along with a large contingent of other Nordic and Alpine supporters. Previously, MSU hosted the championships in 1960, 1983, 1985, 1996, 1998, 2008, and 2012.

This is truly a community-run event. The Montana State Bobcat Ski Team is the host university. Bridger Bowl is the venue host for Alpine races, with BSF running the race logistics as the host club, and BSF Executive Director Evan Weiss serving as Chief of Race. Crosscut Mountain Sports Center is the venue host and race logistics coordinator for the Nordic races. BSF's Trail Manager Kyle Marvinney is serving as Chief of Course.


Alpine races at Bridger: BSF is looking for a few more volunteers to round out the crew for March 11 and 13, especially gate keepers. You can SIGN UP HERE. (We provide a lift ticket for the day, if you need one, as well as a voucher for another day of skiing at Bridger.)

Nordic races: Crosscut Mountain Sports Center has just a few volunteer spots left, for March 12 & 14. SIGN UP HERE.


In addition to cheering on GREAT skiing, we've got a few favorites out there who need some extra cowbell: the MSU Bobcats and  BSF Nordic alum Marin Coletta (Colby College), who will be toeing the start line. Please take the time to bring friends and family out and give these amazing athletes a true Montana welcome.

NCAA Championships

Wednesday, March 11

9:00 am Women's first run Giant Slalom at Bridger Bowl

10:15 am Men's first run Giant Slalom

12:45 pm Women's second run Giant Slalom

2:00 pm Men's second run Giant Slalom

Thursday, March 12

10 am Women's 5k Freestyle at Crosscut

12 pm Men's 10k Freestyle at Crosscut

Friday, March 13

9:00 am Women's Slalom first run at Bridger Bowl

10:15 am Men's Slalom first run

12:15 pm Women's Slalom second run

1:00 pm Men's Slalom second run

Saturday, March 14

10 am  Men's 20K Classic at Crosscut

12 pm Women's 15K Classic at Crosscut

Crosscut NCAA info


Race course is on Hanton's Hollow at Bridger Bowl. (Skiers get off the Bridger Lift at midway.) A regular lift ticket will give you access to the mountain and allow you to spectate.

Not skiing? You can purchase a one-ride, foot-traffic lift ticket for $40. This will take you up the Virginia City Lift, where you can spectate near the finish line and use the Deer Park Chalet. No uphill travel allowed.


Spectator parking and shuttle drop off in main lot. Southern trails will be closed during training and race times, but upper trails will be open to the public for skiing. Spectators can access the spectator zones on foot free of charge. Those on skis will need a valid trail pass. See the Crosscut website for detailed maps for spectator routes and finish/start stadium location.


All championship events will be webcast on